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Air Scooters can help accommodate private jet charters.

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Air Scooters can help provide aircraft management services.

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Air Scooters can help provide aircraft maintenance services.

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What Is Air Scooters

Air Scooters provides the latest in modern technology, flexibility and luxury in travel.

With us you can escape from the stress and crowds of a commercial airport behind, instead indulging in one of our private flights.

From short-range flights to intercontinental routes, we can serve every requirement and make sure that your journey is comfortable and enjoyable.

Whether you are preparing for a business meeting, or relaxing with your family on holiday, private jet charter services from Air Scooters give you all the room and privacy you could possibly want.

As a busy executive, time is always of the essence. Air Scooters not only saved me precious hours by avoiding the hassles of commercial airports, but their attention to detail and comfort ensured I arrived at my business meeting feeling relaxed and prepared. Their private jet charter service is truly unparalleled.

Olivia R

Air Scooters exceeded all my expectations for business travel. Their private jet charter service not only provided efficiency, but also a level of comfort and privacy, allowing me to focus on my work without any distractions. Thanks to Air Scooters, I arrived at my destination feeling refreshed and ready to tackle important meetings.

Thomas A

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Latest In modern technology.

Escape from the stress and crowds of a commercial airport.

Flexibility and luxury in travel.

If you’d like to charter one of our planes, you can contact us directly to discuss your requirements with us.

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